• Game Title: Starstruck: Hands of Time
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Demo Release Date: May 12, 2020
  • Platforms: PC (Steam). Other platforms TBA
  • Developer: Createdelic, LLC
  • Genre: Rhythm Adventure Game
  • Website:
  • Contact: contact [at] createdelic [dot] com
  • Twitter: @playstarstruck



Starstruck: Hands of Time is the genre-defying diorama musical where two kids and a giant hand race to rewrite history.

In 30XX, Earth is no more. In its place, a repressed façade corrupted by a mysterious force called “The Mold” lingers. To save the world, a moon colonist travels back in time 1000 years to a pivotal moment in Earth’s history, armed only with their own hand, a charming spaceship computer, and the knowledge two children in this time period are critically important to Earth’s history.

Literally reach into the lives of Edwin and Dawn, two ambitious, musically inclined children, to shape their future and the world around them. Stomp around their city as a giant disembodied hand, solving puzzles as the omnipresent moon colonist. Open new paths, remove obstacles, and change their world to save your own.

As Edwin and Dawn’s way forward opens, dive into their musical journey, playing guitar in rhythm sections of the adventure. Through the vocals and live instruments of a genre-spanning original soundtrack, experience courageous choices, teenage rebellion, and starstruck wonder expressed in prog rock, pop ballads, metal, and more, performed by virtuosos from around the world.

A diorama style brings whimsical life to Edwin and Dawn’s world, where toy cars and dollhouses blend with popsicle sticks, colorful cardboard, and citizens made of clay and felt. Explore picturesque places to unlock new guitars, side quests, and secret songs.


Starstruck: Prologue (Demo) Trailer
Starstruck: Hands of Time Trailer


1920x1080 Art (For Videos / Video Thumbnails)
Character Clay Figures